Welcome, please be our guest!

We are so happy you’re here! You know why? Because you being here means we get to be here, and here is one of our favorite places to be! We love that we get to do what we do and we know it’s only made possible by the guests we have at The Barn! One of the things we want you to know is that you are our guests. We want everyone to have a great experience when they come to our shop, we want to treat you like we’d treat a guest in our own home. We fancy ourselves purveyors of authentic goods… well, what good is that if we’re not authentic people first?! So welcome, enjoy and please don’t ever hesitate to ask us if you need something!

This Blog is where we’ll get to share a little of this and that every now and then. You’ll see some fun DIY projects we’re doing, merchandise we’re preparing for the shop, behind the scenes shenanigans, stories from our customers, explanations about our shop and why we do certain things & maybe sometimes just what’s on our heart. We hope you follow along!