We guarantee you’ll love the design and quality of your sign. We have all kinds of people come to our classes and they all leave with a beautifully finished sign. Our system allows you to come up with and make the sign with just a little help from us to make it perfect.
Nope, we’ll do the heavy lifting. At our $65 price point, you can pick a design from our website (some signs may be more), or for a $20 design fee you can submit your own ideas to us and we’ll make up your design. Once we send it out, feel free to make revisions until you love it!
We have over 500 designs on our website. You can also chose to have a completely custom design done for a $20 design fee.
Check class availability on our Calendar then send us an email at Signs@TheBarnInNorthville.com or call us at 248.349.0117.  After you have selected a date, you’ll email us the names and emails of all participants. From there, we’ll get everyone started with selecting their boards and emailing their design preferences. If you are a single or want a class for 1-4 people, we also have open classes as well, those dates are also listed on the calendar. Send us an email or give us a call as well to sign up for a seat in one of those classes.
Sure. The price is per sign, so if a couple people want to come in and work on it that is just fine with us.
We can accommodate 24 pretty comfortably. If you really want to squish them in, we can fit a couple more.
Plan on your class time taking around 2.5 hours. This does depend on how complex your designs are, how many people are in the class, if everyone arrives on time, how many different colors you pick for your sign, etc… They can take up to 3 hours.
Monday – Friday @ 6pm, Saturdays @ 11am & 4pm & Sundays at 1pm.
We use a vinyl stencil process. After your design is approved by you, we cut the design out on a sheet of vinyl. At the class, you will use an exacto knife to separate out your pre-cut design, transfer the vinyl to your board, pick paint colors and stencil, then remove the stencil to reveal your sign.
There’s really no age limit, we’ll leave that up to you. Note that it can take kids a bit longer to work through some of the processes in order to complete the sign. Kids 8 and older usually do pretty well on their own but those under 8 tend to need a bit more help.
Snacks and drinks are welcome during your class! We do allow beer and wine at our classes starting at 6pm or after. We ask that no hard alcohol be brought in for any class.  If your class is during our open store hours, we ask that no alcoholic beverages be brought in.
Pine signs are made of smooth wood we get from the lumber store and cut down into our signs. Reclaimed wood signs come from various salvaged woods, mostly barn wood. This wood has lots of age and character, each piece is different. Since they’re so different, we do ask that those who want the reclaimed wood come in and personally select the pieces they’d like for their sign. The pine signs come out a bit cleaner/rustic looking and the reclaimed signs have the more reclaimed wood look to them. Take a look at our finished signs to see the differences.
We have 4 standard sizes in our pine wood signs, 18″ x 21″ / 14″ x 23″ / 24″ round / 12″x36″.  We do not have any standard sizes in the reclaimed wood as most of the time those are custom ordered sizes.
Sure. Just let us know what size you want to create and we’ll quote you a custom price. As a reference, our custom pine is priced by this equation, L+W x $1.75. Barn wood signs are priced this way, $75 + cost of the wood. We sell the wood for $5 a board foot. Other fees may apply for news designs or updating existing designs to fit.
We usually have smaller sizes in our inventory, but the inventory always varies depending on the pace of business. The class price does remain at $65 and up for the smaller signs.
We carry a line of chalk paint at our shop, we use all their colors for our signs, there are currently around 75 to chose from. You can find those colors on our Sign Options page.
Yes, but the price of the class will still be $65/$85 or possibly more depending on the scope of the project.
It all depends on the size of the sign you choose. If you can’t make it in to pre-select a sign before the class, then we recommend a 21×18 or 23×14 pine sign. The smaller or more detailed your design is the longer and more tedious your work will be, but we can usually fit pretty much anything. To get the best idea, take a look at our finished signs.
Nope, you’ll choose the colors for your sign during the class. The proof is just for layout/design purposes. Once you receive your proof, let us know if you like it or if you’d like to make some changes. We’ll go back and forth until you approve your final design.